Shantell + Josh's Elopement at Curtis Falls, Tamborine Mountain.

"As she lay

Her head upon his chest;

His heart beat to a tune

that soothed her soul."

- Louise Alexandra Erskine


Shantell and Josh eloped at Curtis Falls, Tamborine Mountain, with just their daughter, Shantell's sister and Josh's best mate as a witness. They didn't tell anyone they were married until it was announed at the "engagement party" 6 weeks later! It must have been so hard to keep the secret for that long - but kind of an awesome idea too!

They held their cereomy under the stunning Curtis Falls Rainforest Canopy with hand made decorations and a delicious flower topped wedding cake made by Casey. They really are a lovely family and we wish them all the best.

Congratulations Shantell + Josh x