Madison + Tommy's Tamborine Mountain Rainforest Elopement

If i were the sun

and you were the sky

I'd never set.

I'd hover above

the edge of the water

waiting for you

to shine your stars

on me so I could

become bigger

than what I am.

I am brighter

when I'm with you.

-Christy Ann Martine


Tommy and Maddie are a non traditional couple. They wished to have a memorable ceremony to officially recognise their relationship as lasting and solid. Prior to their Elopement date, they consigned a tattoo artist to ink a symbolic design on their fingers represent their deep commitment to each other.

They decided on a hand fasting Ceremony because this ritual resonated with them. Each bind symbolised; White for pure spirit, Blue for patience, Green for peace, Silver for rebirth, Black for Protection & Yellow for joy.

What an awesome day in the Tamborine Mountain Rainforest. Maddie & Tommy had such a great energy and we wish them all the best for their marriage.

Congratulations Maddie + Tommy x



  • Photography - Elisha White (Wildhearted & Hitched)
  • Videography - Daniel Turner (Head North Films)
  • Celebrant - Candice Wilson (Married by Candice)
  • Flowers - Veronica Jo  (Veronica Jo Flowers)
  • Hair/Makeup - Mickeela Toneycliffe (Inspired Artistry)