Sapphire + Caitlin's Casuarina Beach Elopement

Sitting next to you

is like taking a sip of eternity,

the sun,

the stars,

the sky,

never tasted so good.

- Christy Ann Martine


Sapphire and Caitlin first met when they were teenagers, and their paths passed many times over the following years. In 2014 they met again as adults - and fell in love.

Sapphire loves that Caitlin is her best friend, and that she is wonderfully patient and honest. Cait loves that Saph is so sweet and kind with such a beautiful soul. What a lovely couple!

When the laws changed in Australia they decided to go for it and get hitched - and planned a roadtrip from Victoria to the NSW coast! And what a beautiful day it was exploring the Northern NSW beaches at Casuarina, the stunning Fingal Headland and Dreamtime Beach.

Congratulations to Sapphire + Caitlin! x


  • Photography - Elisha White (Wildhearted & Hitched)
  • Celebrant - Candice Wilson (Married by Candice)
  • Flowers - Veronica Jo  (Veronica Jo Flowers)
  • Hair/Makeup - Mickeela Toneycliffe (Inspired Artistry)