Talia + Beant's Tranquil Garden Wedding

My sweet and only,

I want to cover you,

cover you in whichever way you desire to be covered.....

with orchids and emeralds and intimacy like wind kissing the pockets of earth.

I want the beauty to be overwhelming.....

I want it to seep into your skin......

want to love you to oblivion and I want you to tremble when you feel it.

-Christopher Poindexter


It was early October 2017 when an email arrived at Wildhearted Headquarters from the lovely Talia. "I'm planning a Klara's House Beach Proposal next Wednesday! If Beant accepts we would love to Elope as soon as possible!" We were all so excited to hear all about Talia's proposal outcome and when she contacted us the following day we were overjoyed to hear that it was full steam ahead for a Summer Elopement! So the date was booked and the family came from far and wide to Celebrate the love of Talia + Beant.

Talia + Beant held their Ceremony at the stunning Cascade Gardens at Broadbeach - after their Ceremony they continued their celebrations at the nearby "The Star Gold Coast" where they had an intimate dinner party with their family and friends.

We had such an awesome day with you both and we wish you all the best with your little bundle of love to be born this year! We can't wait for the gorgeous baby photos!

Congratulations Talia + Beant x